We have experience in a broad range of projects, both in the United Kingdom and abroad. The list below indicates the type of project work we have undertaken. A more comprehensive list is incorporated in our Business Profile, which is also available in Acrobat Reader (.PDF) format. Please e-mail us and we will forward you the latest update of our Business Profile in the format you prefer (please provide any company details with your request).

- Croydon Tramlink
- Midlands Metro
- Nottingham LRT
- Manchester Metrolink
- Birmingham Airport People Mover System
- Greater Nottingham LRT
- Docklands Light Railway System Franchising & Lewisham Extension

- Central London Cross River Transit Studies
- Millennium Guided Bus System
- Channel Tunnel Rail Link

- London Underground Jubilee Line Extension
- South Hampshire Rapid Transit
- East Lancashire Rapid Transit Network


United Kingdom & Republic of Ireland


- KCRC-Western Corridor Railway Evaluation (Hong Kong)
- Nankang Mainline Extension (Taiwan)

- Randstadrail (Netherlands)
- Utrecht Rapid Transit Study (Netherlands)
- Wilhelminahaven Peninsula People Mover (Netherlands)





- United Kingdom & Republic of Ireland -










- International -