The consultancy is managed by Mr. Nico Dekker and is supported by a growing number of associated and full time consultants, known nationally or internationally in their field of expertise. The consultancy services we offer vary from feasibility studies for new public transport to detailed engineering work. Any specialist knowledge can be brought in depending on project needs. The list below provides an indication of the services we can offer and the capabilities we have.


- Project feasibility studies
- Project development & management
- Product evaluation
- System selection & Procurement
- System definition, design and specification
- Operational studies
- Strategic operations planning
- Business and operations specifications
- System engineering studies (eg. RAMS, EMC)

Overview Consultancy Services

Design & Simulation Tools

Additional Services







- Overview Consultancy Services -

The emphasis of RSC's activities is on system development, system engineering and operations, typically approaching tasks and problems from a "top-down" perspective. The consultancy services we offer are summarised in the list below. A more comprehensive description is incorporated in our Business Profile, which is also available in Acrobat Reader (.PDF) format. Please e-mail us and we will forward you the latest update of our Business Profile in the format you prefer (please provide any company details with your request).







RSC has links with various companies covering other areas of expertise, including:

- Demand forecasting
- Civil engineering & trackwork

- Design & ergonomics
- Management consultancy
- Safety & reliability assurance
- Pollution
- Noise & vibratio
- Light rail & bus operations





- Design & Simulation Tools -










We keep up to date with the latest CAD software (currently AutoCAD©2000i) which we use for a variety of purposes. Most important is our ability to produce accurate route alignments for new or existing public transport schemes, usually based on Ordnance Survey maps. In addition, we have developed in-house tools which are fully embedded in AutoCAD. One tool, for instance, can automatically create swept path lines for different types of vehicles. This is particularly useful for tight curves in town and city centres where use of space is confined within boundaries, i.e. (historical) buildings, trees, traffic lanes etc. We are capable of designing completely engineered traffic and rapid transit solutions.

We have developed software applications to calculate run times for newly developed routes. Based on a particular service frequency and lay-over times, estimates can be given for fleet size and implications for the timetable are shown.

Furthermore, we use a comprehensive
real time simulation software package which enables us to model whole tramway or railway operations real time. The software takes account of every significant aspect of a network including: stops, (traffic) junctions, crossovers, signal systems, etc.





- Additional Services -





Picture Libraries
We have photo, CAD and clipart libraries available in various formats covering not only trams, trains and buses but also street furniture, buildings, street scenes, automobiles, etc. (Europe, America and Asia). Please e-mail or phone Mr. Mike Draycott for further details.